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This Is our Drake blog! We are huge huge fans of Drake! We love everything about him. His voice, mind, looks, music, personality and just everything! The two owners of this blog are Griselda And Pricilla. If any fans want to submit pictures you are welcome to do so.<3 FOLLOW US! TEAM DRIZZY FOREVER! THAT OVO AND THAT OX IS EVERYTHING YOU BELIEVE IN! Hope you enjoy our blog :)

I miss how we used to be. I just want to talk to you so bad, but I’m scared to tell you how I feel.

Drake is in Dublin, where&#8217;s the &#8220;Take Care&#8221; video at?..


Someone asked me if I know when the video is coming:


No I don’t, sowwy :( I’m like dying for it!

‎” You know what? Just move on. Move on with life and leave those who don’t care behind. Don’t stress over anyone anymore. Don’t Continue to hold on to those words &Promises they’ve once told you. They proved themselves wrong, all it did was hurt you. Just keep fighting. Move on because they were just a chapter in the past - but don’t close the book. Keep your head up high, and just turn the page. ” -drake.